About Fashionelly

"Fashionelly" sounds like a new word for fashion, composed of words "fashion" and "elly", but our idea was not to find new fashion word. The idea was not to be focused only on fashion, but on all creative and inspirational things about lifestyles, good, travel, photography, art... and other stuff in order to inspire yourself for doing positive things.

For any technical matters or for any matter concerning the website and content that is published, you may contact us trough our Contact.
Also, for publishing content, for example if you want we to write a post about your blog, company, event, etc., you may contact us at the same Contact.

The team of the website "Fashionelly" - was formed with three members in 2016. They were very talented for art, fashion and photography. But, because two members stoped with their work for their private reasons, this project was stopped in 2017. But, not giving up, I (creator of this project, Niki) with the help of my friends, have started again.

I'm really sorry for the interruption of this website and I'm very grateful to all of you who have visited it and who will visit it in the future.

All of the posts (articles) were published and are going to be published under the name "Fashionelly".

Thank you and have a nice day.


From the creator of Fashionelly, Niki