Awesome ideas to create jewelry using old jeans

Do you have old jeans that you are willing to throw away because you can no longer use them? We bet you probably have some and you can use them to make beautiful jewerly.

This is video by Hetal's Art and here are 11 awesome DIY ideas. As watching the video, we realised, that you don't have to be very precise and careful about every detail and peace in the sense that not everything has to be identical or that the material has to be ideally cut.

So just enjoy, let the things go with the flow and you'll create some beautiful art. 

If you have jeans with bright color, then of course you need to choose dark elements for decoration. Also you can be more creative and use colors for materials and for example, to draw something, but this video is about using glue to attach elements to the denim material for jeans that is traditionaly colored in blue.

The importat thing is how you wear this jewerly. If you carefully watch the video, you will notice that this jewerly made of jeans material (denim) is not in combination with jeans. Yes, exactly. So, wear this jewerly with something else, not with the clothes that is made from same material and color.

If jewerly is made, for example, with dark denim and you wear jeans with brighter color, yes, there is a chance to combine them together, but anyway, better look for some other combination.

Here is the video below and enjoy the creativity:

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