How to DIY Tassel Choker Necklace


Do you have some free time to create some chic and stylish necklace? If you have then you’re at the right place! Here you can find inspiration idea for you, to make some creative and above all economic idea. You can look expensive and stylish without lots of money and expenses.

The materials for this necklace you can find in your house, for example from old curtains with tassel decoration you don’t use anymore. You might be laughing, but why not? You can find materials and inspirations from all around you. That might be your old t-shirt, your curtain, or maybe some old blanket. The most important thing here is your inspiration in order to make over old things into brand new creative and fancy things you’ll wear and use.

Lately, tassel choker necklaces are in trend. From fashion runways till street fashion bloggers, everybody fancy this necklace. If you fancy also try this idea and give us feedback!

· You’ll need the following materials:

Tassel trim, the more detailed the better

Matching thread/needle/scissors

· Closure of choice…

Frog closure for easiest, unless you just use Velcro, then that, technically, is easiest, but not necessarily the most profesh looking.

D-rings if you’re going to follow my steps below

Ribbon or

Chain/Clasp – closure of choice

Once you gather all the materials and the positive energy in order to make a creative thing, follow the next steps and picture tutorial!

If you have enough trim, measure the circumference of your neck and cut accordingly. 

It will look like this.

From here, you can use any closure that will suffice.

A ribbon is the simplest… you thread it through both rings then back around and tie it in a pretty bow or knot. Leave your ends as long or as short as you like.

Your necklace with ribon would look like this !

Voila! You got stylish and chic tassel choker necklace, which you can combine with lace t-shirt and black stylish sunglasses with neutral make up. So as you can see, 

with a little bit of creativity and little bit effort you can look pretty fancy and fashionable at the same time! Worth to try it ! 

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