Do you have some old jeans in your closet you want to turn them and transform into brand new ones? If you do then we have some cool design inspired by the beauty of the pearls combined with denim. The first impression and attention on those jeans was stolen by the creator Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Jeans. His product cost about $359.00. But after we found interesting and fancy transformation by the blogger Maegan which made pretty cool transformation which won’t cost you a lot!

Why spend lots of money when you can transform your old jeans into brand new pearl jeans which look fancy and stylish at the same time. The transformation of the jeans won’t take you a lot of time, and at the end you’ll be very satisfied with the result. For this DIY you won’t need you lots of money nor time, you’ll need you goof will, positive energy, and some free quality time for yourself and your style. If you’re pearl lover then this creation is just for you!

These pearl jeans you can easily combine with some denim t-shirt or whatever simple one you fancy and suits you best at the same time.  You can make stylish combination for your day walk in street style and feel like million dollars. For this craft you can use different types of pearl color shades and sizes, depends from your fashion style. But the best combination for these jeans is to make combination with small sized pearls and big sized pearls. First you can sew the bigger ones and then fill the free spaces between with the smaller ones in order to get diversity of pearls in the design. You can sew the pearls by hand or by machine, your choice! If you’re afraid that the pearls will fall off in machine wash you can hand wash them and dry them.

Before you start with the sewing of the pearls, make a plan about the sketch on the jeans and notice where your pearls would be. That will be a lot of easy for you not to make mistakes in the design and working. You can get easily look one more time on the jeans design before you get to work. You’ll need about hour or two maybe to complete the task.

For you to complete this stylish pearl jeans look you will need:

Old skinny jeans, plastic pearl in different sizes and two colors like white and ivory,  needle, thread and scissors.

Positive energy! 

When you get all the materials you need, follow the next steps! First you need some sample material you won't use it later in order to make a sketch for your pearls and their place on the jeans!

After you make this step with the sketch with place of the pearls , follow the next ones in order to make yourself some fancy jeans design!

When you  finish all the stpes you saw on the picture, you should get fancy pearl jeans design simular like this! 

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