Are you tired of buying some necklace you thought was unique and then see half of the city has the same one, well if you are we have a great advice for you. What we would like to suggest and show you is how to make your very own statement necklace which is quite trendy right now. This way you’ll be certain that you are unique. 

We suggest the statement necklace because like we have said before it’s quite trendy now and also you can wear it on anything and for any event, whether it’s a gathering night with your friends or some gala event.We’ll show you how easy it is to make and not expensive at all, it will probably cost you around 10-15 dollars or even less, but will look like it is worth so much more. For start find some necklace on sale you like then you need to go to the hardware store and get a brightly colored cord and you will also need nail polish which we suppose you probably have, but if you don’t go to the nearest store and grab some color you like. If you have all of this you are ready to start.

Materials you’ll need:

· Lighter

· Needle and thread

· Scissors

· Colorful thick cord

· Rhinestone necklace – for example

· Nail polish

First what you do is take the nail polish you’ve chosen and color some of the rhinestones on the necklace.

Let the necklace to dry, after it has dried if you wish the necklace to look even better apply color one more time on the rhinestones.

Second step is you take the cord measure it for the necklace and cut it according to your liking.

Step three would be taking the lighter and very attentively burn out and melt the ends of the cord. This is done in order to prevent the cord from fraying.

Last step is taking the needle and thread and sewing the cord on the necklace, be certain that you sewed it well so it doesn’t fell off.

If you’ve done all of this you are all set and ready to go out with your one of kind statement necklace. This is just one of million other ways to make a necklace; you can also add some chains or a few more necklaces and you’ll get a different necklace. So go out and show your friends and the world the unique necklace you’ve made that no one else has, and rest assure people will certainly ask where you have got it from.  

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