Do you have some old glasses you love them too much but you don’t want to wear them anymore because they’re old and not so much fashionable anymore? You can bring them into life by simple makeover tutorial and wear them again!

Well, why not? Every peace in your closet from your old clothes till your glasses, you can make them fashionable and chic again by adding some fashionable details and make them fancy again! For these few tutorials you’ll learn how to make them fashionable and fancy again, and at the same time don’t spend lots of money nor time. Here we have DIY tutorials by fashion blogger that decided to give her glasses new fashion look. You should choose the tutorial that best suit on your old designed sunglasses. But if you think you could make even better and more beautiful designed glasses you should try it and see how they will look. Maybe you’ll make some cool and trendy design that everyone will like and all the people around you will ask you from which designer you got the fashion look.

However take look the next cool tutorials and choose the one you fancy most!


These pearl sunglasses are modern and inspired at the same time from the fashion designer Chanel. Yes, the original ones from Chanel are very expensive but why don’t make your own pearl Chanel sunglasses from your old? Creative and low budget solution for your wish! So, for this creative DIY project you’ll need old round glasses or similar, pearl stickers – assorted sizes, glue and of course positive energy. Take a look the following steps! 

And voila! Look what have you made! 


The inspiration for this makeover of the glasses was from Tory Bruch sunglasses. For this tutorial you won’t need you lots of money, in order to give your old ones brand new fashion look according stylish and expensive designer’s look!  You’ll need 1 pair sunglasses, glue, nail heads, paper plate and toothpicks.  Take a look the following steps!


For this third tutorial you won’t need also lots of money nor time in order to make stylish creative sunglasses for your day walk. To make this tutorial you’ll need: One or two old sunglasses, rhinestone leopard necklace or if you don’t fancy leopard that much you can use other rhinestone animal, rhinestone bracelet, rhinestone hair pins, pliers, Aleenes Jewelry & Metal Glue. For the following steps take a look the full photo tutorial!

· For the second version of the rhinestone cat sunglasses take look the next tutorial:


This tutorial reminds of something sparkle, and the inspiration is taken from something sparkle no matter is it some holiday or maybe the sparkle in you! However take a look and see the makeover of the sunglasses!

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