Tie Choker - Summer Necklace Hit You Will Love

This summer hit is of course the tie choker necklace which you will love. This fashion trend keeps coming back over and over again from the 90’s till today. There’re different style combinations and varieties of this accessory, but most certainly they will all look good on you neck!

This type of neckless has been seen on the necks of everyday girls which have cool fashion styles or the regular ones which go to school every day, plus on the neck of fashion models, movie stars and etc.  For example back in the 90’s first one who wore it was Vanessa Paradise, which was a tie choker necklace with her heart on a velvet string.

But for today, there are lot of trend setters which wear this type of necklace on their necks, for example Rihanna, North West, Miranda Ker and others. There are different ways and fashion styles in which this necklace will suit you! You could adapt it on your personal fashion style and make it a great combination with clothes, make up and accessories.

This year, the trend started to show on spring/summer 2016’s runways around the world. This trend was spotted on the fashion shows and runways of Chanel, J.W. Anderson and at the fashion show of Dior, where the necklaces were combined with scarves.

This is a trendy summer alert for 2016 you should definitely try! Take a look at these photographs and see which tie choker would suit you best and your fashion style of course. Enjoy!

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