Trend Alert: Bow Tie You Will Want

If you look for originality and refreshment in the fashion trends, then bow tie is just for you! Creative and inspiring trend, if you want to stand out from the others around you. It’s unconventional and interesting way to show out your personality and style through original handmade bow.

This idea originates from Bowtie Republic, where they give new and original view of the bows. Why wear bow that is made from classic material, when it can be made from something else, in this case – wood. Imagine wooden bow tie? When you first hear, it might sound a little bit strange and unreal, but we are here to show the opposite.

You can wear them in many occasions, whether is important ceremony like wedding, birthday, or job interview where you can show off you originality, or everyday activity it’s great way to show your original fashion look! If you’re bored with constantly wearing of classic black bows at weddings you should definitely try this fashion trend.

You can make them at home or just buy it. The base of the bow is made of wood, but you can add different types of materials in order to get unique fashion look you will like. If you make the bow yourself you can add different fashion motives or messages to your bow in order to stand out from the crowd.

Good thing about these types of bows is that you can design the way you like in order to wear is the boys as well as the girls. You can make one for yourself or make one for your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and give it like present. It’s easy to make if you have good imagination and creativity in order to make it! They look classy and fashionable trend you will adore.

For inspiration take a look these photographs and enjoy!

If you liked the bow tie idea, you should take a look on the packing and how they would look if you want to give the wooden bow as gift to someone it’s dear to you.Maybe to your husband and little baby boy!  Take a look!

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