Stylish And Trendy Combinations For Your Day Walk

Do you look for inspiration what to wear at your tomorrow’s walk on the sun? Well then you’re at the right place! Here you can find pretty good combinations of stylish and trendy every day clothes combined by fashionable blogger Christine Andrew.

You can look modern and feel comfortable at the same time if you make the right combinations for your body shape and the right combinations of fabric. The best fabrics for you to feel comfortable are from natural source, example cotton. It’s not only for the wearing the clothes, it’ about how you feel when you wear them! If you don’t feel nice and cozy then you should change your mind! Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise it is not luxury – Coco Chanel.

The words of Coco Chanel refer to the everyday clothing too. Anyway see the fashion combinations and inspire yourself to create your own fashion look that suits you best !

Here you can see the blogger combined white short dress from fine materilas and soft pink colored bag and small number of accessories like sunglasses necessary for the sunny day !  In this combination you will feel pretty and stylish at the same time. 

At the picture bellow you can also see great combinations of colors which match the sunny day walk. White jeans with blue top shoulder blouse and beige shoes combined with white bag and soft every day make up.  In this combination  you can use baby pink or some other light lipstic , and try not to wear to much make up !

Another interesting combination with top shoulder white blouse and blue jeans!  Also great casual street style combination with interesting hair style which you may make if your hair is enough long for it ! If not then you can create some other great look that suits your street style combination. 

But if you fancy more dresses than jeans the take a look the next combinations with short and maxi dress you make like !  Baby pink dress with white bad or white maxi dress with casual hair style is perfect for your sunny day walk, because it's comfortable and trendy at the same time. Also brown dress combined black bag make good match if you don't have anything in your closet with blue or pink color. At the end it's matter of taste , depends of the people and their individual taste for fashion colors and styles !

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