Reasons to Wear Faux Fur Coat This Winter

If you are wondering which trend you should follow this season in order to look stylish and fashionable, you won’t get wrong if you pic to wear faux fur coats for this fall or winter. You’ll look fashionable and cozy at the same time. Double win-win for you!

Faux fur is well accepted among fashion bloggers no matter the age as well as the other people. But the roots of this this trend starts from the Artistic history then all the way to Russian traditional winter wear, and after extends until modern muses such as Kate Moss, who revived the vintage fur coat concept by turning it into statement fall/winter piece into the fashion world.

Faux or real furs have always been in the fashion one way or another. They are definitely must-have piece that everyone has in their wardrobe. From movie stars wearing fur on different photo-shootings promoting luxury lifestyle, till the casual affordable vintage pieces for everyday wear.

Somedays it’s so cold that you’re seriously considering dipping into your savings for cab fare in order to avoid walking anywhere. So cold that you'd swap anything stylish for something that actually keeps you warm. We're here to say that the last thing isn't necessary. Because faux fur is the right stylish piece you need for your walk on the streets in the winter. Let’s be honest and say that there’s no better feeling in the cold winter days than when you feel bundled up in stylish clothes for example faux fur coats.

There’s famous state which Karl Lagerfeld said and that is: “You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur. Therefore ladies, you can wear fake fur which look stylish as well as real fur. But the difference is that fake fur coats are being more economical, pleasant, and warm as well as they can be found in variety of colors and types. Thanks to modern technology that makes wonderful fabric faux coats look very similar with natural fur coats and you won’t make the difference between them.

The faux fur coats are great for you to make stunning casual combination. You can combine them with jeans and sneakers, but also with dresses and boots, whichever you fancy! Take a look the following fake fur coats, which you can combine and fit in your style, in order to make perfect fashion look for your street walk. Take a look and enjoy!

For more details about these fancy faux fur coats check out and enjoy!

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