Absolutely stunning trendy look with a mask

it is not the end of summer yet, there are still warm days and will be, especially if you live somewhere more to the south where the climate is warmer.
At the moment, you know that there are a lot of places where you must wear a mask.

Maybe it is a bank, or working place with more people... anyway we were looking for something very tredy at the moment and after a while we found this amazing look by the lovely fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur.

This is our first post about her, she is amazing and everything about her looks, lifestyle, beauty, accessories, you can find on THE VIVALUXURY -

This yellow dress is really super trendy and combination with the mask is absolutely stunning. She has 20 different styles of masks and it is really nice the she uses reusable masks, because they are good for the enviroment, like she says.

All the different masks, sandals.. and everything that you look on the photo below, you can shop at

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