Summer Trend Alert: Bohemian Round Beach Towels

If you are wondering what’s hot this summer then we have the answer! This summer season round beach towel with bohemian look are the trend fashion alert you should definitely try!

You can find them in different color combinations and with different fashion motives, but you’ll sure get unique hippie look during your stay and fun at the beach! They are quite compact and practical and won’t take you a lot of space. Most of them are made from cotton and you’ll find them pretty cozy and comfy!

You can use them with different purposes for example your day at the beach, or maybe if you go on picnic you can use them like picnic blanket on a hiking trip. Also if you are fan of the Mediterranean mosaic tile you can use them at home like decoration in order to give your room and home more cozy and bohemian look!

Also there are round towels with mandala inspiration. Good choice if you practice meditation or yoga classes at the beach! Mandala can be viewed as a mystical chart of the universe according to Buddhist scripture. Someone has said that to dream of mandala signifies one’s search for inner peace and unity!

You can find motive inspirations from different sources, depends from your fashion wish and lifestyle. However, they’re sure great summer pick for this summer you should definitely try it! You’ll get unique and original look during your time and fun at the beach! Take a look and enjoy!


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