Dreamy Summer Ideas For Your Wedding

If you seek summer inspiration you’re at the right place! Summer is maybe the most popular time of the year to get married, and one of the many reasons are the blue skies, to the care-free feeling till the flowers arrangements. So it’s no wonder that most couples choose the summer for their time of year for the wedding. 

The summer beach wedding according some couples was the most romantic type of wedding they could choose. If you’re wondering why that is so, you should cheek this dreamy summer wedding inspiration photo session you might like!

Summer wedding is good for many reasons and one of them is that the days last longer, so your party will be much longer on daylight. Also you can make beautiful flower background decoration. This time of year is good for flowers arrangements because, if you wish to make variety of flower decoration, you might not succeed. Because some of the flowers you like don’t blossom before summer.

You can do so much with flowers, like for example blooming backdrop! You can do easily this if you tape vertical rows of long-stemmed varieties of flowers to a wall and let the strips show. Also flower wrapped favors you can make with real flowers or paper flowers, the ones you fancy more! For your little flower girls you can make fancy flower headbands everyone will like. Stunning floral centerpiece could be amazing with the right combinations of the variety of flowers.

Also good summer inspirations for outdoor weddings are sea motives. For example you can find practical use of the sea shells. If you find the flower wedding bouquet boring, then why not try something more creative like seashell wedding bouquet? It’s unconventional and inspiring idea to surprise your guests for your outdoor beach wedding! You can use the seashells also for serving your appetizers in seashell. That could be original and attractive idea for serving your guests.

You can also make interesting place cards for your guests with sea motives. For example you can make paper boat place cards. That can be a symbol of setting sails into a new adventure with your partner. Seating cards in bottle could be interesting sea motive for place cards! This escort-card display is clever and inexpensive. To create it, purchase a miniature cork-topped vial for every guest. Write the name on one side of a 2-by-3-inch piece of paper and the table number on the other. Roll up the paper and slide it into a bottle with the name facing outward, and cork it. Then fill a shallow glass dish with sand, and arrange the bottles so that the writing is visible.

You can create so much nice ideas for your wedding, if you have the right inspiration. Hey! Only the sky is the limit for your creativity! For inspiration take a look the following photographs and enjoy! 


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