Inspirational Colorful Wedding Story

If you have wedding coming soon you might want to take a look this inspirational story you will sure be amazed! It’s quite refreshing and inspiring to try something new, for example make your own wedding dress and the whole arrangement in color!

Why not? It will really make you stand out from the others and give you fun and unique experience you’ll remember till the end of your life. Here we have a love story of Taylor Ann ( followed by wedding photographer James Tang ( Taylor is amazing artist which is in love with making beautiful things through coloring them.

In this case she paints her wedding dress on the edges in color. More precisely in more colors in order to get ombre stylish look. But why make refreshing only on the dress, when you can make all your wedding in colorful adventure and style? You can save money and make it more original appearance at the same time!

For inspiration you could try Pinterest and look for ideas and some other’s experience, according you can make your own standards and opinions. If you let your inspiration, your creation will also grow and you’ll make the right choice that best suits you.

Taylor made some pretty good flower centerpieces, on which she didn’t spend a lot of money and still made it great! You can do the same with your wedding bouquet. Try mixing hobby lobby fake flowers with paper flowers and handmade clay succulents for your bouquet. Here you can show your talent and creation with making this unique piece.

For your table décor you can make also unique décor pieces with low budget. For example you can make variety of handmade ceramics, pots, vases etc. Just pic some cool pattern design you would like to apply to the ceramic vase and make them. After that organize with your dear friends or family members in order to make paper, plastic and from some other materials fancy flowers which you will fill the vases you made before.

For visual inspiration take a look the following wedding photographs of Taylor and Chris, and inspire yourself to make something unique and different for your wedding. From wedding gown till the flower decorations and some other things, you’ll sure be amazed from their beautiful wedding story. Take a look and enjoy!

If you liked this stunning wedding story visit Taylor's website and view more details about the wedding event. For more professional photos, visit Jamas Tang's website (all rights of the photos belong to James Tang).

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