Hair and makeup inspired by Audrey Hepburn

This hair and makeup look is inspired by a photograph of Audrey Hepburn from the year 1959.

Video is created by Shirin, a 21 year old German Vintage Enthusiast. Her passions are Old Hollywood, Fashion, Harry Potter, Books and Traveling.

For anything about her vintage fashion, beauty, lifestyles, her outfits, tutorials, favorite books, favorite TV Shows, etc... visit her website Shirinatra -

Because she has very good tips in this tutorial, even if you have different hair, for example more curly hair, we think that it is still possible to achieve this look. Аlso the make-up does not have to be identical and don't put the lipstick over the lips to make them look bigger, yes that is trendy, but the point is to achieve vintage look, so even if your lips are bigger naturally, make them a little bit thinner.

For all makeup product that are used in this video, you'll find more information below her video on YouTube and there are links for her social media and also you can support her.

Here is the video and we hope you'll achieve this vintage look:

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