Trendy Double Top Knot Your Hairstyle

Looking for something simple and trendy for your tomorrow’s hairstyle? Then you are at the right place! Here you can find interesting suggestion you might like.

You won’t be needing lot of time, only interest in this fancy hairstyle and a bit of your time in order to make stylish and pretty look for you!

Follow the next steps:

1. Start this hairstyle by backcombing the crown for volume.

2. Smooth unwanted frizz, and then pull back the hair from the crown into a ponytail.

3. Use a clear elastic hair-tie to create a small, messy bun, while leaving the ends of the pony down.

4. Grab another section of hair beneath the first bun and join with the top ponytail.

5. Use another clear elastic hair-tie to create a second messy bun beneath the first.

6. Adjust the buns to preferred messiness and mist with hairspray to hold.


Once you accomplish all the steps, take a mirror and look yourself into the mirror! If like the look then go out and have fun, but if you don’t like the look add something extra in order to like and enjoy with your new and trendy hairstyle!

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