Eight Reasons for Eight Glasses Water Daily

We all know water is good for us but how many of us do drink often and how much per day?  Most of the people don’t have time or don’t mind if they don’t drink that quantity of water per day. But that’s a big mistake because our organism contains almost 80% of our body, and if we don’t drink the necessary quantity we might have problems like dehydration, skin problems and other similar problems.

So here are eight reasons why we all should drink water more often in order to feel more healthy and refreshed during our daily routine or work obligations. Half of the reasons you may like it’s big plus for you and your body health, and reason for you to start drink water more often during the day.

· Purifies the body

The water helps the body to be refreshed and purified from toxic substances through more frequently going to the toilet. Helps for improving the blood circulation, and simulates the glands for better digestion of the food in your stomach. In short terms water helps our body to work just right!

· Sickness

The first thing every doctor will tell you during sickness is that you should drink more water and relax in order to get better! Even for simple cold, he would tell you that you should drink more tea, water with one word enough liquids in order to get better. In combination with good sleep and healthy food, enough water and one apple a day you’ll be always healthy and in good shape!

· In the morning

In the morning the water is great start for you to start the day and the daily obligations. You’ll feel more refreshed and more waken. Tiredness is one of the first signs of dehydration. We would recommend you to drink water with lemon every morning in order you get fresh start!

· Muscles

The right point of this term best knows the people who sport more often or maybe every day. If you sport often and take care about your health it’s not possible without drinking water during your sport activities. You’d be exhausted! The exercising causes more sweating, which is more loss of liquids and less entry of liquids. That’s why you should drink water more often during your sport activities! That means that you should drink water before, during and after the gym.

· Body weight

Most of us when we get wish or thought for unhealthy food for instance chips or some donut, it’s not always the right signal our body sends to us. In most of the cases that means that you’re bored or maybe not so much hungry. In some cases our body needs more water than food, especially for the hot days. So next time when you’ll get lust for unhealthy food try to drink water, and then cheek if you’re still hungry!

· Skin

With drinking of the water you’ll have more soft and clean skin without acnes or wrinkles around your eyes! Your skin will look more hydrated, shiny and beautiful at the same time. Often consuming of sugars, caffeine and fast food contributes for bad health of your skin. But with more often drinking of the water, you’ll balance and keep the pH value at right point.

· Beauty

Why giving money of expensive things and products about your beauty when you can help yourself and your beauty by drinking more often water? You’ll have more soft and clean skin and better body shape at the same time!

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