The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is the type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make oolong and black tea.

Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, it originates from China but today it’s widely used throughout the world. This beverage has a multitude of uses from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer. Here are just a few things where green tea has proven helpful.

Weight Loss: Green tea increases the metabolism.

Heart Disease: Scientists think green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, helping them stay relaxed and better able to withstand if there are any changes in the blood pressure.

Diabetes: Green tea apparently helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating.

Cholesterol: Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

Blood Pressure: Regular consumption of green tea is thought to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Depression: Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves. It is this substance that is thought to provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect and can be a great benefit to tea drinkers.

Skincare: Green tea can also help with wrinkles and signs of aging; this is because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Mortality risk: Daily consumption of green tea is significantly associated with a lower risk of death rate from any cause; an increase of one cup of green tea per day is linked with a 4% lower risk of death from any cause. A separate analysis found an increase of three cups of green tea per day was associated with a lower risk of death from any cause.

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