Dry lips don’t only look bad, but quite frequently are related with pain. Chances for the appearance of dry lips increase as a result of: stress, lack of vitamins A and E and also because of elevated body temperature. Lips unlike the rest of the skin don’t have greasy glands, which would keep them soft. Besides then of the lips by itself it’s thinner which is why they are more sensitive.

Moroccan Liquid Gold for Entire Body Care


We all dream of a product that is organic and useful for multiple parts of the body not just some particular parts. Well, after a number of researches, we believe that we’ve finally found that product, and that product is the organic Argan oil.

Do you know which type is your skin?


The simplest way for you to found out which skin type do you possess is by description and interpretationon the skin. The skin type depends most from genetic predisposition. But there are few more factors which effect on your skin, such as climate conditions, nutrition, stress situations, the use of right or wrong cosmetic products etc.

Top 7 Beauty Benefits From Coconut Oil


To find new and effective product for beauty is like you have found a new friend. But if you can find something you can use for almost everything is like you have found the Holy Grail. Coconut oil has lately become increasingly popular, and it can be found in more places. In which ways can be used? Read bellow about the useful things you can make with the coconut oil!

Harmful factors that affect your skin


Factors which affect your skin are divided on internal and external factors. But what they have in comment is that they all together have effect on your skin that is not good for you! Do you know which one are those factors? If you don’t know the answer then read the following post.

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