Harmful factors that affect your skin

Factors which affect your skin are divided on internal and external factors. But what they have in comment is that they all together have effect on your skin that is not good for you! Do you know which one are those factors? If you don’t know the answer then read the following post.

· Poor nutrition, obesity, lack of physical activity

When we don’t look out for our own well-being it has an effect on our skin. Unbalanced diet and lack of physical activities can lead into appearance of dark spots and loss of the normal and fresh look of your skin.

Through consuming of enough healthy food and water, you can easily get enough vitamins and minerals, which you need on daily base. That means you should consume more fresh and uncooked food like fruit and vegetables. In combination with good will and normal physical activities parallel with enough rest you’ll get got results for your health.

· Smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine and carbon dioxide, which causes narrowing of the blood vessels, and with it the supply to the skin with oxygen and nutrients is reduced. Smoking makes your skin look pale and yellowish. It reduces its elasticity and leads to forming tiny wrinkles around the mouth and the entire face. Every woman that wants to look beautiful and good should think before lighting a cigarette. And remember that with smoking cigarette your skin gets older and less beautiful.

· Abuse of alcohol

The abuse of alcohol also affects bad for your skin. The biggest damage is on the liver and within changes the level of more hormones and enzymes which corrupt the release of toxic substances from your body. Besides that, the abuse of alcohol have consequences on your microcirculation which disturbs the nurturing the skin and its supplying the skin with blood. All this have impact on your skin in the bad way, in which your skin gets unhealthy and bad look.

· Stress

Stress is one of the things you have to deal almost every day. It doesn’t matter if the stress comes from work or some private things you have to deal with, but what matters is that its effect is negative, and is bad for your skin health too. In stress conditions disrupts the supply of the skin with oxygen and nutrients. All that leads into unhealthy look of your skin and early ageing of your skin.

· Climate conditions and the sun

One of the most harmful factors that affect your skin is the climate conditions and the sun. Especially the most aggressive rays for your skin are UV-A rays and UV-B rays. Exposure of unprotected skin directly leads into early ageing of the skin and bigger chances for you to get skin cancer. Logical solution for this problem would be you to use sunblock product. Also try to avoid the solariums and the using of them. They also rise your chances for skin cancer.

· Inappropriate cosmetic 

Every type of skin has need for proper skin care product. Unfortunately the cases are quite common these days, when the wrong choice of cosmetic products leads to unpleasant skin reaction, appearance of rash, appearance of acne as well as some stronger allergic reactions. That is why it’s extremely important that we know well our skin type so that we can choose the right cosmetic product for our skin type. However if we still experience an unpleasant skin reaction because of the use of inappropriate cosmetics we should quit the use right away , take e break from 2-3 days in which we won’t use any cosmetic products.

· Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep especially when it is a chronic one  it can change the condition and look of the skin. It begins to look grey and lifeless. Other than that chronic insomnia leads to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and skin relaxing in the face and neck area. Any human who likes to have healthy, fresh and beautiful skin should have 7-8 hours a sleep per day. 

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