Do you know which type is your skin?

The simplest way for you to found out which skin type do you possess is by description and interpretationon the skin. The skin type depends most from genetic predisposition. But there are few more factors which effect on your skin, such as climate conditions, nutrition, stress situations, the use of right or wrong cosmetic products etc.

But for the condition of your skin also other factors have impact such as the hormonal unbalanced hormones, chronical diseases, do you smoke cigarettes and of course the age. Through the time, the skin gets older and loses the elasticity and tends more to get dry look. It’s not that easy to determine the skin type because the skin is not the same every day at whole month. Depends also from how many times you use the cosmetic products for your skin care, is there outside sun or maybe strong wind that dry your skin.

For the determination of your skin type can be from big help the observation and evaluation of the skin. If you’re not sure how to choose and guess your skin type, these questions might help you to found out!

Ask yourself:

Whether your skin is damaged after your face clean?

Whether your skin gets greasy and if yes in which parts of your skin?

Do you experience frequent appearance on blackheads on your face?

In which part of the face you have dilated pores?

Is your skin sensitive by the use of some cosmetic products?

Do you experience frequent appearance of inflamed acne?

After asking these questions you can easily found out and determine your skin type and choose the proper and best care for your skin type. Most of the common types of skin are the following types:

· Normal skin type

Features of this skin type are: fresh and healthy soft look, little pores, the skin looks clean and it’s with good elasticity. Everybody wants to own this skin type, but unfortunately this appearance is very rare. If you have this skin type you’re very lucky because you don’t need lot of care and hydration for your skin in order to have normal and healthy look.

Characteristics for this type are:

Small pores

Normal elasticity

Absence of oily parts of the face as well as absence of blackheads

No dry parts of the face

· Dry skin type

Features for this skin type are: dry look on the skin, often need for hydration in order your skin to look normal and healthy, low elasticity, tightness of the skin. Because of these features you should always tend to use proper cosmetic products for the right moisturizing of the skin for avoiding the premature aging of the skin because of the dryness and appearance of the wrinkles around your mouth, eyes and cheeks.

Characteristics for this type are:

Absence of large pores

Small wrinkles around the eyes mouth and the nose

Peeling of the skin

· Oily skin type

Oily skin type is result from increased activity of the sebaceous glands, and that reflects with increased glow of the skin especially in the T- zone of the face. This skin type is most common among the puberty, but sometimes between the adults. If you don’t give the skin proper care you’ll found lots of difficulties. Such as red appearance, enlarge of the pores and forming of black heads.

Characteristics for this type are:

Dilated pores

Often formation of black heads

Normal elasticity

Strong skin glow

· Mixed skin type

Typical for this skin type is that there are two parts divided on oily and dry part. They are divided and different parts combined into one face. Into the T-zone the face has dilated pores, black heads and glow of the skin. But around the T-zone the skin is dry and has low elasticity. But the proportion of these two parts it’s not always the same. This proportion changes through the time and the ages.

Characteristics for this type are:

Enlarged pores in the T-zone of the face

Dry skin in the parts of the cheeks

Greasy spots in the T-zone of the face

These are the main separation of the skin types you can find among the people around the world. So, did you found your skin type through this post?  

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