Moroccan Liquid Gold for Entire Body Care

We all dream of a product that is organic and useful for multiple parts of the body not just some particular parts. Well, after a number of researches, we believe that we’ve finally found that product, and that product is the organic Argan oil.

The organic Argan oil or as some call it the Moroccan liquid gold can be used for the complete care and beauty of the entire body.  The Argan oil, also known as “the oil of beauty” comes from the tree species Argania Spinoza – the tree of eternal beauty.  Argan oil can help your skin cells to regenerate thus making your skin very gentle and soft, giving it elasticity and it slows down the aging process as well. Argan oil can help your hair too because it hydrates the hair very quickly, it makes the hair softer and helps versus dandruff, dry hair and also does wonders for your scalp if it’s damaged, furthermore it protects the hair if you dye it, and gives it a natural glow. Argan oil is also useful for the nails; it nourishes the cuticles and the skin around the nails and makes the skin softer, and it increases the growth of the firm and nurtured nails. Now we’ll tell you a few things you should do if you decide to use Argan oil.

Argan oil helps your hair when you apply it on a washed wet hair. As the Argan oil enters in the depths of your hair it improves the elasticity and stimulates the growing and reduces the damaging. Argan oil is excellent for all types of hair; it returns the shine and protects it from the harmful chemicals of hair dyes and from damages of constant hair drying. The Argan oil helps hair the most in summer and winter period when we have very harmful external influences. Argan oil prevents damaging of hair, because it’s rich with omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids which feed the hair from the tips and all the way to the roots and with it, it strengthens the hair, prevents hair splitting and damaging of the tips of hair.   

To protect your nails the Argan oil is put on before sleep on moisture hands with massaging your fingers and nails and letting it do its magic during the night.

For protecting your skin, the Argan oil helps beauty because it is a powerful antioxidant. In its composition contains vitamins C and E, and makes the skin looks healthier and more beautiful. Vitamin E in combination with essential fatty acids helps for care of dry skin. Argan oil works wonderful as a day cream and also as a night cream, because it has abundance of fatty acids that have major impact on tan. Argan oil can even prevent the appearance of stretch marks and can reduce the visibility of already existing ones if you use it regularly.

 Finally, for your face you need to apply one to two drops in the morning and in the evening on a freshly washed, wet face. 


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