The right secrets that will make you look like a true lady

To look and to be seen like true polite lady doesn’t mean you have to wear expensive clothes and pearls. It’s not only the clothes that make you look like a lady, also manners that are important for the whole package lady look style.

In this article you will also read how to look more like lady  and the way how others to perceive you like true lady which every man would like to have besides him. 

But ladies if you want to look and perceive yourself as true lady, you should do it first for you to feel happy and then for the man. In the following steps you’ll found out how to accomplish your goal. 

Elegant fashionable accessories

You should persist to wear more elegant fashionable accessories like quality leather bag and watch which will suit you marvelous or wear some belt which shows your silhouette. All that doesn’t have to be very expensive, it just need to be enough quality to last and look good and elegant at the same time.  You can combine colors or all the accessories could be at the same color. Your call , whatever choice suits you best !

Wear pearls any time you can!

Also try to combine your look with beautiful white pearls whit some elegant dresses and business suits. That combination will give you more confident and sophisticated look at the same time. So don’t be afraid to try this combination with some cat-eye sunglasses.

You hair should always look tidy and clean 

True lady doesn’t walk around with untidy and messy hair. You should always try your hair to look tidy and styled. Also you can choose to wear some interesting and fancy accessories in your hair but not too much of course. Less is more always! 

Wear lady shoes 

Always try to wear more simple and styled shoes. Simple but still classy! Like Carrie Bradshaw from the “Sex and the city” would say: “Give the girl the right shoes and she will concur the world! “  Every time you can afford you should buy yourself good shoes. Try more simple black designs or maybe on nude for lady look style!

⦁ Watch your language

Every lady should have a polite vocabulary of expression. Rude talk and rude attitude is not allowed for good and polite women. Curse words and similar words from that type you should avoid as much as you can in order to establish polite behavior proper for a lady.

⦁ Smile is the best make up

Too much make up it’s not necessary for you to look like a lady. Simple make up and tidy manicure will do the trick! Remember that less is more! Cat eye make up with red lipstick and good and classy perfume will be enough for you to make good impression!

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