Five Items to Make You Look More Desirable

Beauty is probably the most wanted virtue and positive side that one person could have in the relationship between man and woman, but there are other things that are all equally wanted.

Each has its own flavor, and goes for different people with different affinities and virtues. And although each of us search for their specific partner that would please his taste, there are some common things that no one can deny that it is attractive. Here's what’s about.

· Confidence

Confidence is a quality that simply mesmerize. Even when someone is physically attractive, high dose of confidence automatically makes it attractive and desirable.

· Smart is the new sexy

And not have to be too smart to act appealing. It is enough so you look and attract attention, and the same applies in reverse. Glasses, book, rich vocabulary ... Everyone has a special trick to look smart or attractive.

· Wear black clothes

Research has shown that people who wear black are perceived as attractive, intelligent and confident. British company Buytshirtsonline asked 1,000 people to state that colors are associated with certain properties.

Both men and women said they are the most attractive people of the opposite sex who wear black. According to the conclusions of the study, black, blue and white color most associated with intelligence, and yellow, orange and pink on the bottom of the list.

When it comes to romantic attraction, both men and women want partners dressed in black or red. Negative side of red is as associated with arrogance. At least attractive color in the context of sex appeal is orange and brown.

In terms of confidence, the most popular are black, red and blue.

· Smile more often

Have a smile on your face. When you smile, you definitely look friendlier and more accessible. People will feel more comfortable in communion with you. No matter how you feel inside, laugh more!

· Show skills in the kitchen

Some wise old man said: "the way to man's heart is through the stomach". And you know he was right indeed. But the same comes true for women, because they fall on a man who knows how to cook a delicious dinner combined with wine!

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