12 Ways To Love Mondays More


Ahh, it Monday again. The fun and the free time are limited, and the work obligations are taking the biggest part of your time of the day.

Sad to say, Monday always come and you can’t escape it. But you can change your feelings about this “most hated” day. Here we offer some suggestions how to begin to love the beginning of the work - week.

How to increase your motivation at your work place?


It’s easy for you to be motivated when you start a new job for the first time. Then you feel very excited about it, and every new task is a challenge which you want to complete so you can make progress in your work. But, how the time goes by, it is very likely for you to start feeling that your work is becoming boring and monotone, and that you are losing your motivation which will lead to decreasing your productivity at work. Motivation should be your priority number one, because only on that way you will have high chances to succeed at your work place.

Snoopers in your office: How to deal with a too curious colleague!


The many hours spent in the workplace inevitably allow bonding with colleagues. However, not everyone is minded colleague to be your best friend. Healthy peer relationships in the workplace are based on courtesy, mutual respect and adherence to the written and unwritten rules of conduct. Unfortunately, many people are accustomed to exceed the limits of others' privacy, so eager to peek in your private life.

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