Do you know which type and shape of your female body was popular and ideal through 3000 years of history? If you’re interested then you should take a look this interesting video that Buzzfeed’s has created in order to present to you!

The trends change as well as the idea about the ideal female shape and body, fashion clothes, hair and women’s beauty. Each decade the fashion trends change depending from the people that dictate that fashion worldwide with commercial purpose.

Each decade has its own fashion events and rules that change constantly through history. But here we have the stages of evolution of ideal women’s body standards through history of 3 000 years. In order making this video the producers picked different models with variety body types and show us the evolution of women’s beauty.

For women’s beauty, big role has the society depending from the history period and view of the people from that time. For example in ancient Egypt ideal women’s beauty would be that she has slender narrow shoulders, high waist, and symmetrical face. In ancient Greece woman were considered “disfigured” versions of men, while in Han Dynasty ideal women characteristics were that she has slim waist, pale skin large eyes and small feet.

If you’re interested for more take a look the video and the photographs and found out from which history period you have the ideal body shape. Take a look!

·        Ancient Egypt

·        Ancient Greece 

·       Han Dynasty 

·       Italian Renaissance 

·       Victorian England

·       Roaring Twenties 

·       Golden Age Of Hollywood

·       Swinging Sixties

·       Supermodel Era

·       Heroin Chic

·       Postmodern Beauty 

For the final take a look the original video about women's ideal body type and beauty through history, and find out from which history era your body would considered ideal acording the ideals about beauty from that period. Take a a look!

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