Fashion and the technology embedded in the wearable materials

In the recent years, more fashion designers have come up with their own projects, combining wearable technology with fashion. Тhis is a trend that is constantly evolving. The technology is getting smaller, it is more convenient to be embedded in the clothing materials.

Searching the internet, we came across a designer who stands out with his work in every aspect.

Of course, there are many other designers, but because of the passion and the whole impression, we came to a Dutch fashion designer specialised in wearable technology Pauline Van Dongen. Her vision is based on the belief that technology can add new value and meaning to fashion.

Here are a few project from her website :

- Wearable solar dress project is related to integrating the solar panels in to wearable materials. Two prototype designs (image above) were primarily introduced in 2013. If these designer are worn on full sun for one hour, the solar cells can store energy to charge normal mobile phone up to 50%.

- The Solar Shirt project, developed and launched in 2015. The main specification is in its innovative and progressive integration of solar cells into textile with flexible electronics. This Solar Shirt is designed as everyday wear that can charge a phone or any other USB device.

- The Phototrope top is a new form of interaction between the body and the environment around us. It was successfully tested in the night running events. Phototrope makes you feel more comfortable in a dark and to interact better with others around you.

- FysioPal is a smart top that aims to help avoid health issues. It functions as a second skin and measures haptic signals around the neck, shoulders and back of the body. It has integrated hardware and is designed to be worn ander regular clothing.

This is only part of the projects. To find more visit the website

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